hcgifts on September 15th, 2011

Fall is definitely here. I had to run to the store and pick up some dog food for Turbo last night and left in my short sleeved little top that I have worn all summer. That cold arctic style wind was a-blowin and the goose bumps were flying. BRRRRR! I like fall, but I sure wish we could have just a little longer spell of summer. So I am headed off to Vegas for a few days to get my last blast of summer in. I will be sitting around the pool, soaking up some sunshine while researching some ideas for the store for 4th quarter.

What do you think about when fall rolls around? At our house, it’s all about hunting. My husband is an avid hunter and thinks about it pretty much all year round. He’s always planning either the current trip or the next trip. Our granddaughter went out with them last year and had a great time, so he’s very excited about taking her out this year and teaching her all his techniques. We are working on a generational thing here, as there is my Dad, my husband, our son and our granddaughter. It’s good to hand down these experiences and skills so each learns to appreciate it.

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Fall makes me think about colorful leaves. It isn’t as spectacular here as it is back in upstate New York, but there is plenty of color to look for. What I really miss is fresh pressed apple cider and fried cakes (plain cake donuts). We used to have a cider press right in town and as soon as the end of September hit, we were down there filling up our gallon jugs of fresh cider and going over to the Super Duper and buying hot, fresh donuts to go with. Yummy. Fall is all about comfort foods too. Homemade chili and cornbread, hot fresh soups and fresh baked bread. Do you have any favorite foods that you like in the fall?

Lots of folks are thinking about football. I have to tell you that my eyes tend to glaze over at the thought of football. My parents were big fans of football and I remember many a Sunday when they watched a game on TV. There was plenty of cheering, yelling and some boisterous instructions to the coach if the team wasn’t doing well. We will cheer on the Cats and Griz and sometimes watch the Super Bowl, but that’s about it for us for football. I do enjoy a good game of hockey though.

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We can’t forget about Halloween, that big party time at the end of October. Halloween used to just be about costumes and trick or treating. Now everyone loves to go to parties! I used to enjoy trick or treating, but later preferred dressing up at home and handing out the treats. I would get all dressed up in something really scary or spooky. I still get to have that fun during our annual trick or treat parade here at the Gallatin Valley Mall. It’s a great safe place for the kids to come to trick or treat. Plus you don’t have to worry about the weather messing up your costume. Many a year most costumes were more about winter jackets, hats and boots than about witches and ghosts. I am always looking for easy costumes to wear that I can still work in comfortably. So if you are looking for easy outfits, stop into High Country Gifts. We offer some unique items for babies and adults.

I am looking for some ideas for games to play at Halloween parties. What are your favorites? Mine involves an orange or ball in the end of a pair of nylon stockings. You tie the stocking to your waist with the ball hanging down towards the floor. There is another ball on the floor that you must get over the finish line. You must swing your stocking ball to propel the other ball over the goal line, but you cannot use your hands. This is completely hilarious to play and to watch! I am looking for some other fun games to play and would love to hear from you.

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